A Knight’s Devotion Prologue

I’m back :3 I know i’m not that popular to make otome reviews or posts like this but I would like to help you out by giving otome games an introduction. I’m on mobile while doing this and I started like 1 am so i’m doing this real quick. Enjoy ^_^


In the kingdom of Rapien (I know it sounds kinda wrong but just deal with it), you live with your grandmother. You went to an inn to deliver flowers (that’s your family’s business) when you heard a rumor that the king has collapsed. No one in the village has seen the king so out of curiosity, you went to the library which is kinda far after buying bread. You used the outskirts of the village path but instead got almost munched on by wild dogs. D:

Luckily, a knight named Lute came to the rescue by shooing them away. As for appreciation you gave him a flower. Then another man named Shion went to fetch Lute when he points a gun at you! BAAANG! So it’s done to scare the wild dogs away~ you tried to give Shion a flower but he refused. Lute convinced him to accept it so he did with an annoyed look (FCKING DOUCHEBAG. CAN’T EVEN ACCEPT A SIMPLE FLOWER D:). But after that you saw a mysterious coin (so mysterious I need to explain this later lol).

You went to the blacksmith shop to see Kenny, your childhoodfriend and to give him the bread. Until you tell him how you met two knights and bla bla~ Well anyway you two heard a woman scream outside and came men in black robes. Kenny stood out to protect you (aww so sweet :D) and made you run.

Back at the outskirts of the village, you were found by another robed man. You noticed that he has the coin you found when wild dogs attacked you (so that means there’s a connection between them). No other choice, you threw him the bread (like it would harm that man lol) and he laughed. He bit the bread and tossed it in the air when an arrow made a hole on it. An archer named Haku saves you and you’ll notice how flirtatious he is (he asks you for a reward that only a woman could give. Boy that escalated quickly.

A knight stops him named Gaia who is the commander of the knights. He took you on his horse and went back to your grandmother. All knights came and here you will find out that..

1. You’re the king’s daughter and was secretly raised in the village.
2. Your grandma is actually your wet nurse and only she and the knights knew about you as a princess.
3. Kenny is actually a knight (kinda similar with Kaiji of My Sweet Bodyguard)
4. The rumor is true about the king and the kingdom is falling down because of the robed men.
5. You will be choosing your knight and shining armor! <3

So who’ll you choose?
Or Gaia?

I know that this post is still a bit long but I put in here the summary of what I have seen. Enjoy A Knight’s Devotion! Baiii

My Sweet Bodyguard by Gree Prologue

Hi! My name is Ryuen and after a long time of not using my tumblr account, I have decided to make a few reviews of otome games since I’m not a cash player. I do play some otome like My Sweet Bodyguard for Gree, Be my Princess for Gree and Celebrity Darling and I also watch otome-related anime like Uta no Prince-sama and Amnesia. Unfortunately, my android phone is an idiot and full of crap and lot of apps were already downloaded and I can’t uninstall it. So these apps took a lot of my phone’s storage and sometimes I cannot download the apps i want to play cuz it says “Insufficient storage available” even though it got like 10MB more left. Anyway, enough of the introduction. Let’s start with My Sweet Bodyguard. 


You, the main character worked part-time in the amusement park one day while wearing a mascot costume. You’re giving out balloons to children when suddenly a mysterious man points a gun at you. He tells you that if you don’t wanna be harmed, you’ll need to follow him (oh and he asks you to remove your mascot head by the way). So you did, and there came a woman calling your name. She’s like, “Hey MC! Have you been waiting long?” . You’re like, “uhh.. whut?” And when you’re just about to face her, the man reacts like “Ugh!” like he’s being hurt. You saw a man who looks like an amusement park guard grabbing the arm of the gun man. Then an arm from another (HOT, SEXY, HANDSO— oh i’m sorry. he’s my fave <3) guy pulls you to a helicopter. Another man’s sitting inside with a bit of a curly hair. The MC asks the two on where they are heading and the (sexy) guy named Subaru replies the Prime Minister’s residence. 

In the PM’s residence you’ll meet Daichi Katsuragi. He tells you to change your clothes (‘cuz meeting the Prime Minister with a bunny costume is lame. DUH) and leads you to PM’s  office. After 5 minutes you will meet the Prime Minister Ryuichiro Hiraizumi which event will let you know that…

1. YOU are his daughter.

2. Your mother died when you were little, and your grandma took care of you, but you didn’t attempt to ask any questions about your father.

3. You’re in danger because you’re Hiraizumi’s only relative. So you’re his only weakness. They (the people who wants to harm you) didn’t target the PM since he’s willing to die for the sake of justice. MC’s a bad luck brian *sigh*.

4. There will be a security team — also known as bodyguards who are going to protect you.

Exciting, RIGHT? :D

Katsuragi leaves you in a room and Subaru walks in with the curly-haired guy. They’ll introduce themselves: Subaru Ichiyanagi (<3) and Mizuki Fujisaki. Then a small man (sorry for the word, it’s the easiest thing to describe him D;) barges in and is like “I’M SO FAKING HAPPY TO SEE YOU!” and you’re like “WHUT” again. So you’ll realize that the woman in the amusement park is actually a HE, and his name is Sora Hirosue. Sora’s being a bit flirtish when the guy who grabbed the gun man came. He tells you that you haven’t changed a bit. Then he notices that you didn’t recognize him and names himself as Kaiji Akizuki, your childhood friend (D’AWW. Ahhh, destiny <3). The bodyguards talks to each other and you’ll think that they’re good-looking (OF COURSE) and they’re more like a boy band than bodyguards. Hmm.. what if we try to compare them with Amnesia’s hotties? I know they’re not a boyband but..

Shin = Subaru (similarities = hair, and likes to kiss you <3)

Ikki = Sora (similarities = flirt and popular with girls)

Kent = Mizuki (similarities = uhh.. a bit of hairstyle and calm)

Toma = Kaiji (similarities = you’re both childhood friends and they got a bit of spiky hair)

While Sora’s arguing with Mizuki, Katsuragi stops them like “CALM THE FAK DOWN PPL”. Not the same words but same meaning. LOL kinda. Katsuragi tells you that to assure that you’re safe, you’ll be having your own personal bodyguard who’ll be protecting you 24 hours (INSTANT BOYFRIEND FOR A PRIME MINISTER’S DAUGHTER. SO FAKING LUCKY. HAHA just kidding). Sora will escort you home, confused to who are you going to choose (OF COURSE YOU SHOULDN’T WASTE THE OPPORTUNITY OF LIVING WITH A SEXY MAN. Must be really hard if this is real. haaaaaaa).

You’re gonna pick from Subaru, Kaiji and Katsuragi first. Then Sora, Mizuki and Goto (not introduced, but I promise you he is also sexy like Subaru, I mean, THEY KNEW EACH OTHER FOR A LONG TIME) will appear if you finished.. one of the three? Not sure ‘cuz I’m just about to finish Subaru’s route. ;9 Well anyway, who’re you gonna choose?

1. A guy who seems perfect, but has a deep dark secret within him? 

2. A long lost friend who kept you entertained during your childhood?

3. A man who acts as a leader, but is afraid of falling inlove?


YouTube video for MSB by Gree Prologue by Yuriko Ai: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAku7UBaduQ

If you want me to post more otome game prologues, just reblog or favorite this post. I would like to help other women who aspires to be the main character of their own stories~ <3 ayiieee :3

Bai peeps! <3



It&#8217;s been a while since I last opened my tumblr account so here&#8217;s a photo of chibi Nanami Haruka of Uta no Prince-Sama! season 2 episode 3! ^o^

It’s been a while since I last opened my tumblr account so here’s a photo of chibi Nanami Haruka of Uta no Prince-Sama! season 2 episode 3! ^o^

Long time no Tumblr post.*A*
Sooo here&#8217;s me as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians! Hope u laik it. :3

Long time no Tumblr post.*A*

Sooo here’s me as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians! Hope u laik it. :3

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Still Photogenic *A*~

Still Photogenic *A*~





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